Free Haul-R Daze


Free Passes:

Starting in 2021 free passes will be needed to get a free load.

Exclusively for the residents of Member Municipalities to bring in residential (not commercial) refuse.

  • Passes will be handed out, in person from the respective member municipal offices
  • Passes MUST be picked up in person by one of the landowners (no exceptions!)
  • Only one pass will be given per tax roll
  • Will be valid from May 1 to August 1 of each year and will not carry over to the next year
  • Will be good for one load in the size of: Cars, vans, pick-up trucks or utility trailers up to 4′ x 8′ or 2.5 cu yards
  • Will be for HOUSEHOLD refuse only. Not commercial refuse
  • Used oil, antifreeze, filters and containers will be free as usual
  • Paint (even empty cans), small appliances and electronics need to go to SARCAN
  • Tires and railroad ties will be charged as per the regular load charge fees

All North Valley Waste regulations will apply:

Loads must be secure to prevent littering during the trip to the landfill
Loads must be sorted into: Metal,clean wood, compost, household garbage, etc